We are exclusively NOT dating?

I am in a complicated situation. My ex and I have been officially broken up since January but we continue to find our ways back to each other... which will typically last for a week or two before we get romantic and end up saying that we need time away. This has happened repeatedly until recently. He went to a wedding in Mexico and contacted me (for the first time in months because I told him to leave me alone) saying that he would really like to see me. We met up a few days later at a concert and something felt different. He pulled me in close to him and we were a strange couple/ friend thing. I didn't think too much into it because it felt right for us to be close. At the end of the night he went in to hug me and I kissed his cheek (like I always do) and he leaned in and kissed me.. we sat down and talked about it and he said that he cared about me but wasn't sure what was right for us. I felt the same way so we just agreed to handle it as it came to us. Now its a few weeks later. We talk semi regularly (every couple of days) and we have escalated a little. we went out together with a bunch of his friends about a week ago and he spent the majority of the night basically wrapped around me. He really likes my perfume. There was a lot of kissing and he repeatedly told me I am beautiful and how amazing I am. We were both a little drunk by the end of the night so he ended up staying with me. Nothing happened other than a lot of kissing and cuddling. since then he has stayed the night again and we have determined that we don't know what we are but it feels right to be around each other. He told me that he really cares about me and says all these wonderful things. He even said that if I started dating someone he would be really really jealous.

I feel like we are treading on dangerous ground and I don't understand why we don't just get back together. Its obvious that we both feel strongly for each other but he doesn't seem to be interested in making it exclusive even though he told me explicitly that he wasn't dating anyone and has introduced me to every girl in his life.

what should I do about this? he isn't using me for sex so I'm not worried about that.. I just want him to myself but I don't know if we are ready for that.

and advice as to what I should do or insight as to what's going on in his head?


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  • I did not read all of this sh*t, word from the wise: Don't make walls of text. But anyways It seems like either he's worried about how things will workout if you two get back together or maybe nobody has stepped up to ask one another out yet? your situation isn't that horrible.

    • what is bad about it is that we are saying we are friends but clearly arent. I just don't know where this is going or what to do with it. There will be a time soon when it will get more complicated and I want to be able to handle it well.

    • well why don't you two take time from each other to figure it out.

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