Attraction at summer camp. Does it work?

Well, I Haven't had a girlfriend since 11th grade. I'm fresh out of high school. Basically, I don't want to be a bad kisser when I'm able to get another girlfriend. So, is it possible to get a girl to want to make out with you after a few days? This isn't a normal camp. I saw a guy who was able to do this last year. Ill be bringing my guitar and singing with me cause I'm pretty good at that. We get our own "dorm rooms" for the week, so if I'm able to impress a girl and invite her up to the room, where would I go from there? Other tips?

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WOW. Looks like I did it! Made out so much last night. Day 2 and I'm already at 2nd base! Unbelievable!


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  • I'm gonna tell you a story of when I went to summer camp.

    I went to camp together with my best friend. She was blond and gorgeous and she pretty much always had a boyfriend. We were 14.

    She immediately met a guy in our same camp. And like almost every guy who met her, he was all over her. After just the first day, they were hugging and cuddling.

    Well the next day, she told me he had asked her to sneak out with him one night. I asked her if she was going to do it and she said no. That night, she woke up and had to go to the bathroom and she asked me to go with her because she was afraid she would run into him.

    You might be wondering why she suddenly put on the brakes. I'm not certain, but I feel like it had something to do with the fact that we didn't have much supervision at camp. Somewhere along the way, she got a bad vibe from the guy and she didn't want to be alone with him. I know she didn't want to have sex, and she probably would have been fine with just making out, but she wasn't sure he would be satisfied with that. I think she felt like she needed an adult nearby.

    That said, I'm sure it's possible to make out with a girl at camp. It may be tricky, but it can happen.

    • Hmmm... What was this guy acting like when she liked him at first?

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    • Ahahahaha sorries, XD

    • Lol

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  • You sound a lot like a guy I know. haha. I went to a camp called the wilds and met this guy named Jake, We hung out a few days then kissed. It turned out he was a total d***. Haha. But all you gotta do is llet loose and be a stud. That gets women all over you.

    • Haha. What was he like that got you to like him? Was he really flirty or what?

    • Yeah, I was hurt and he sat down and asked me to sign his shirt and said I was pretty and he was super hot, and he acted like he loved me.. he tried to get me to kiss em for a while, one night I kissed him... He was confident and wasn't scared to say anything. The first day we met we were sitting on a benxh he said he had the crazy erg to kiss me. I was shocked but it was a turn on haha. My advice stay confident (nBut don't be a d*** like Jake.)

  • Yeah! By the end of summer, about 95% of summer camp chicks will have already sucked 50 d!cks.


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  • Guess what? There's a girl there with the same thought as you do. Now go find her.

  • lol, it's very possible.

    • Any stories?

    • Nah, I was never really interested in anyone for most of my camp time and the one time I was interested I was too young and shy to really tell her. We were friends, good friends, but ya. At least it made me realize to not be so shy on such things.

      I generally don't get interested in many girls easily. Might find many attractive physically, but don't care to let that base my interest in dating a girl.

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