What's going on in his head?

Been dating a guy for about 3-4 weeks, got on extremely well. phoned me every night. He is going to new zealand working for 7 months in two months time. really is a sweet guy. but told me he's worried about getting in a relationship before he goes away. Last few days though I've had minimal contact and his friend said he's worried because he's getting feelings for me. what the hell do I do?


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  • Oh, no you can never ever let fear eat you up. Now, if his job is to go away, then you're going to have to face it. If it's 7 months, then 7months it is. If it's one year, then one year it is.

    Talk with him on the weekends if you can, text him messages, or send him emails.

    Imagine if you had a husband that had to take an assignment in another country for a year? Then how much fear should you face? You'll have to deal with it anyways right?

    Meanwhile enjoy your time with him around, this way at least he can still remember the good times he's had with you while he's in US with you.


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