What is his meaning directly/indirectly of me/us?

I was approached by a man recently, I never met him in the past, we did not meet in a bar or at any party, He asked if I was single, if I considered dating, he is a few years older than me, I'm 40ish. He is single as well, just moved out of his apartment moved in with a male cousin. We been seeing each other almost a month, we do get along well. He has said he wants to continue seeing me wants us call each other, but wants to take his time and things move slow, he's not ready for another relationship now, which I understand, he just broke up with someone just before he met me, which wasn't real serious. We both are busy with work, we don't see each other a lot . I mentioned one time to him of another guy that was trying come at me go out with, I don't have any interest in, his response was , It's cool if I want see someone else, he did inquire as to whom it may be, he's staying single, he wasn't going anywhere wants to still date me. I'm also in no rush for fast serious relationship; I've been single quite sometime would also like to take some time with us getting involved. What is he meaning directly/indirectly of me/us


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  • Well based on what you said, it seems like this guy is in the same boat as you. You both seem to be two casual daters who are enjoying each others' company and taking it slow. I don't know what you mean by directly or indirectly because he directly communicates with you and wants to date you so he's not being indirect. However, the fact that he is okay with you dating other guys might mean he is doing that same. He might just want to have some fun and not be serious for the time being and if you are okay with that then enjoy this. But if you want something more than this may not be for you. However, I think it is way to early to tell where this guy stands with you. I think he likes you or he wouldn't be dating you. How long have you been dating? That can say a lot about a relationship. All and all it seems like a casual thing. With time it could blossom into more but until then...you just got to wait and see.