He wanted to kiss. I pushed him away. Should we 'talk'?

I'm leaving for a month. other day I was packing, & he came over to see me. he was standing there staring really intensely at me, & really close, with you know puppy dog eyes.

he was acting like he _really_wanted to kiss me.

i had to sort of step back & pat his shoulder or w/e. I felt silly, but I don't know I didn't feel like kissing him, because I don't see the point.

we never talked about being together, and if he's just curious, I don't know we can try it later.

I don't know tbh, I have no good reason, but he looked hurt.

idk if I should talk to him, ask him if he wants something, or just leave. I don't think id be worrying but we've spent a lot of time together.. maybe he thinks I'm interested.

i can't apologize because I didn't want to kiss him. but I was dismissive. maybe I should discuss it?


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  • No, he got the message. You weren't interested. Don't bring it up.


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  • Well, if you guys aren't in a relationship then you shouldn't kiss randomly. And if you don't see the point, then don't do it. You should talk to him about what happened and get a better understanding. Just know, you didn't do any wrong by refusing his kiss or whatever he was trying to.

    • ;-)Right. I just feel bad for being dismissive, overall. not about not kissing him. I don't feel obligated to kiss anyone.

      But I thought I shouldve discussed it. so he's not unnecessarily hurt. I'm not rejecting _him_ its just a bad time etc. I'm sure he thoght I liked him, because I do. I just don't want to get involved at this point.

      (About kissing..separate from this-in general. I don't see the harm. if you want to kiss someone, why not? whether you're with them, or not. its just a kiss?)

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    • Yep! Good for you :s I know many girls in my school who kiss just for the fun of it and guys who date girls one after one :/ drives me insane. Anyhow, make sure he doesn't do any thing forceful on you! if he does, use your girl powers! ha ha : P

    • thank you ;-)

  • Like you said "whats the point?" There is really no point in even bringing up the conversation unless he does, then talk about it by all means.

    • yeah, I just feel bad. but yeah, no point. I mean, I'm not even the one who wants something, why am I feeling guilty, for not bringing it up.

      ok, thanks.

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