What's in a x in a text?

Ive been texting a guy a lot, we've seen each other a few times to. And I've noticed when I text him he copies me with my xxx for exame if I put two kisses so does he if I put four or five so does he and so on. Its ways the exact same amount of kisses in every text that I give... Does this mean anything or am I over reading it?


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  • Well, if you had just put 'xxx' then it would appear as the English/British way of showing love and is very common and is still something I receive from my ex's family members sometimes when we chat.

    If he is responding to your x's, then it is simply affection back at you and he is being flirtatious and reciprocating what he believes to be you showing affection.

    Here in Canada it means nothing very much, but I know that it does entail a lot and noticed that you are from the UK, so you would be the better judge of how strong the meaning attached to it. From my understanding it was simply kisses in a loving but not intimate manner.


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  • Yes, it means he pays attention to you and is responsive. He wants to kiss you as many times as you kiss him, and show you he cares.


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  • He likes you. If he didn't, he definitely wouldn't engage in that kind of flirty texting. Guys don't do that!

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  • Lol I read that as test. He's.. I don't know but it's positive.

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