How can I get a date?

I never get approached, I see guys looking at me from time to time but I think its cz I'm too loud or my friends are... or they probably think I'm weird looking. I don't have low self-esteem, its just that every time I think oh I look pretty today, something happens and it makes me feel ugly. I think I'm average at best. I've tried online dating because I'm 21 and I've never dated before. I notice that all the guys online I've been on a date with one, are really weird and I don't like them. I tried to give this one guy a chance, but he was geeky, cute, and just weird tho. And even he rejected me, he actually told me on the date "to take up this other guy's offer on the dating website." And then after the date I don't why but he text me twice, wtf lol. Anyway, any hope left or should I just give up. I want to meet guys in real-life now lol


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  • I think we all have those types of days where we just feel down & others where we feel on top of the world!

    Don't short-change yourself, I don't believe that you're ugly, everyone has beautiful qualities to them.

    My advice is to not worry about this too much. So many other people are in the exact same spot, you just got to keep your head up, do what you love, live life for yourself, and along the way perhaps you'll unexpectedly find some great guys.

    Definitely don't lose hope, maybe the right guy just hasn't come along.


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