How long should you wait to text someone back if it's been over 2 days since you guys last spoke?

Me and this guy have been talking, probably ongoing for the past 5-6 days now non stop, now he hasn't replied to the last message I had sent him Monday night..I'm probably sure he's pretty busy, but I'm not sure of whether I should text him or let him get back with me on his own terms.? Thoughts?


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  • Yeah I say you should wait it out. Let him get back to you. If he's truly interested, he will text you as soon as he is available or when he feels like it (trust me). But if he isn't texting you back, it is most likely that he's has little or no interest, simple as that.

    Ive been in a similar situation but instead of 2 days without a reply, it was 5 & I thought he wasn't going to ever text back, but he did so just try your best to wait. And by the way, there's no need for you to text him now cause you were the last one to text.

    Hope this helps though.


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  • having been more than 2 days I don't think it would be inappropriate to text, call, email, whatever. He may be busy, he may have elected not to reply, he may have forgotten, or he may have not received your text and is wondering why you haven't contacted him.


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