Would this be creepy, yes?

I'm seeing this guy and we're both strapped for cash, especially him. I really want to text him but I know he's got no money on his phone. Would it be creepy if I topped up his phone online..? We've never bought each other anything before


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  • Depends on how close you are but I wouldn't think its "creepy". He might not even accept it though, maybe he's too proud.

    • I don't think he gets a choice of whether to accept it, I think it just goes on automatically. And all I could say to him was that I was going to do it, he wouldn't obviously be able to reply and say no...

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    • No all I need is his phone number and then my credit card details for the payment. It's pay as you go. Yeh I'm kinda worried it might be a bit much and he might get freaked out... Plus wouldn't I look totally desperate if I was THAT desperate to talk to him?

    • I don't know I would just talk to him about it and say you'd like to talk to him more and so you'd like to pay his phone bill and if he says no then tell him he can pay you back later if its that big of a deal. I don't think that sounds desperate just reasonable, but doing it w/o him knowing I don't know about that.

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  • Nah that might be amazingly sweet. Obviously if he's just lazy and going nowhere in life you shouldn't be with him, but if he's really struggling that would be an amazing gift for a girl to give her guy

  • I don't mind having an extra cell..give it to me :)


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  • What do you mean? Do you mean like would it be creepy if you paid his phone bill?

    • Its pay as you go so Id be putting ?10 credit on it

    • It changed my pound sign to a question mark...

    • Yea, do it. Just say you wanted to talk to him so you put a few bucks on it. If he even does find I creepy, I think he'll be too appreciative to think about it

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