He knows my friends and vice versa. Isn't that a sign in the right direction?

Confused about my relationship with this man. He knows all my close friends cones out with us asks me what they think of him and he constantly brings me around his buddies and they tell me how much that like me for him. But we still aren't boyfriend/girlfriend and I'm confused

Any thoughts?


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  • How long have you guys been hanging out? And can I assume you guys behave like boyfriend and girlfriend?

    • It's been a few months. When we are together I feel like he's my boyfriend. I've dated a lot and I know the way it feels when it's nothing. But I could just be hopeful

      We are very comfortable with one another.

      He's a very stressed guy at the moment lots of business stuff and family drama so it's hard for him

      To focus maybe? Thanks for feedback

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