Do you ever worry you might be too good to be true?

Not to sound arrogant or over-confident or anything, but sometimes, I feel like I am. I know I'm a good guy. I'm not one to complain about girls going after jerks, but sometimes, when I hear people talk about the friend zone or when I see questions asking where all the good guys are and stuff like that, it worries me a little.

Does this make sense? Does anyone else feel this way?


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  • I've run into that problem. A few quotes...

    "You've got it. On every level, you've got it."

    "You're prince f---ing charming. Everyone likes you."

    "It's easy to see you're quite a catch."

    Yet I'm single most of the time. My friends don't know how I can be. I've even had a girl who is a friend who at one point after I broke up with my ex asked if that meant she had a shot. She said she would love to have a chance to date me. After a bit of thought, I decided maybe there could be something more than friendship there, so I said we could give us a chance. Her response? She isn't ready for a relationship. Why bring it up and ask for a shot if you're just going to turn around and say no afterward?

    • I agree. I know people see it as a compliment when they say stuff like "You've probably got girls fighting over you", but I don't take it as a compliment.

    • I wouldn't take it personally with the one girl. Some people turn away a good thing just because it's not WHEN they want that good thing. Bad timing, you know. Which I know is silly. :/ Don't get discouraged!

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  • I know exactly what you mean. People are always wondering why I have never had a girlfriend and whatnot (especially girls), yet girls are never interested in me romantically. I remember a girl gave an answer on here which went along the lines of "We are more inclined to date bad guys with flaws because it saves us from disappointment and heartbreak. If we date guys who seem too good to be true then we will be more disappointed and heartbroken when everything falls apart". All in all, I think what the girl is basically saying is that there are less expectations when dating a guy who is "less good" than "more good".

  • I've thought about it before... I've been friendzoned so many times before and more recently, I've been trying to get with a girl who has so much in common with me and I thought it was going quite well... but I've been rejected there too (not giving up on her yet though!)

    It just feels like either I'm too bad for anyone to want or I'm too good, and I think I'm quite good-looking, talented, funny and smart... I'm training to be a doctor, I work out, I play guitar and sing and know 4 languages - there's got to be something up, right?