I guess she still loves him?!

I've been dating this girl for awhile now, I know she had this ex-boyfriend of hers and that they been on for about 3 years but he dumped her because of her friend. I've been noticing that she don't want to go out lately and have a lot of reasons not to then I found her post on FB earlier that "what would I do to win you over" which stabbed me like a hundred times over. I came in to date her not to be her friend only but as her boyfriend; I Haven't had any girlfriend since HS and I'm 22 now sadly; It didn't seem like I've done anything wrong and she had fun with me during our dates. I feel like killing my self right now but luckily its just a feeling, I still have a sound mind;

What should I do? I been improving myself ever since we dated so shell like me more and I know I been a douche bag when I was younger but. This is sh*t, girls without bfs and ex bfs not to long ago is hard to come by; I guess I should go to a convent and be a priest or whatnot ><


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  • Chill, dude! Firstly, get drunk. Then, when you think you're drunk enough, drink a bit more. Just try to enjoy other things in your life, and then go back to girls with a clear head. :)

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