I'm stuck on this girl?

I hung out with a very nice girl a week ago, we haven't talked since but we added each other on social sites but that's really not cutting it. I want to ask her out, but I haven't seen her. what's my next step? Girls or guys I'm just lost and it's really killing me not seeing her


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  • She might not be interested in you if she hasn't communicated with you in a week. You could go ahead and ask her out but from what you said...it doesn't seem like she's into you otherwise she would have called you or communicated with you in a more personal way. Social network communications is the lowest low of communication for a relationship (unless it developed there). Also, you might not even be into her...it might just be killing you to see her because she has not communicated with you in such a long time and you want a confirmation of her feeling because you are left in the dark. I'd say just ask her out to see where she stand and don't take it personal if she says no. If she says yes, then maybe she was just playing hard to get. All I know is if I like a guy...I'm not going to let a week go by without communicating with him.


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