Am I overreacting in this relationship?

I guess I did everything I could to get to his heart and melt it down. We were in a LDR and then we had a series of arguments during last month. I found out about his second FB profile and got nothing but ignorance from him. He then said he had enough from my suspition and he wants to break up. Just to call me to say he wants us to wait until he finish his work he is so upset about. We were in contact every day, but then I got mad at him when I found out that he says he cannot find time to talk with me about our relationship but has time to go to dance classes. I told him not to call me until he is ready to treat me right. We weren't in contact for two weeks. He sent me only one SMS during that time to tell me he is thinking about me. Then I told him that I want to talk about everything and if he doesn't have time to talk then I want the whole thing to be over. And then he started the contact again. But he is just so cold. He doesn't seem to react to anything I do. He just sends kisses and smiles but these things don't have soul. He is answering to everything I bring out from the past (like his second profile) that we will talk about it when we see each other. But I still have that feeling that he doesn't care and that he isn't emotionally connected. Am I just going mad over this? Maybe I'm over-reacting?


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  • No your not mad, you are right that he is not taking you seriously. He is playing you like a toy. Let him go, he IS a player. Hold your ground!


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  • Why do women dredge up stuff from the past? That is a really annoying habit and I'm sure that didn't help the situation. In fact, when would it ever help? So why do it?

    I digress, it is a LDR and destined to fail. You can say you did everything to melt his heart but you aren't there. Men are more physical than something you can do via a phone call or e-mail.

    Most guys don't like texting that much as it is. We try to use the least amount of words to describe things. We try to understand the meaning rather than hone in on each word used. "Well you said that you were content and not happy! That doesn't mean the same thing. Why not use happy? Aren't you happy with me?" For example.

    Guys will put up with quite a bit but we have our breaking points. It is like trying to find the tensile strength of an item. You bend it so far until it just snaps. I think he's practically at his wit's end. So ask yourself... what is he getting out of the relationship right now? He certainly isn't there to touch you, kiss you, etc. He can care less about the daily communication.

  • Yeah you're over-reacting. You leapt straight to the usual most immature response that a young girl can : "if you don't give me what I want right now, we're through"

    Do you know how many foolish young girls use that threat to try and get what they want?

    If you want to break up, then break up. If you want to try and work things out, then you try that.

    But what you CAN'T do, is say you want to talk things through, and keep dangling the threat of breaking up over his head because he isn't talking the way you want.

    It looks like he's not buying your petty foot-stamping blowout. Either you'll act like a grown up, or he won't mind when you call it quits because he didn't want to date a little girl.


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