Haven't heard from my boyfriend in 4 days

my boyfriend is suffering from depression and has been on and off meds. Currently he is off meds. He went away for a few days to clear his head and get away from all the issues (work, family, financial burdens etc.) I heard from him when he got back. And since then he's been ignoring my messages. I try to keep things light and somewhat positive with him. I deal with clinical depression myself so I kinda know what its like. He did even reply to my asking how his trip was or something positive that I was sharing with him. I later msged him to say that it concerns me when he's not responsive, and that he can talk to me about anything whenever he'd like. I'm always going to be here for you. no response.

He lives at home with his family, so I know he's safe. Should I call him at this point or give him space?


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  • leave him alone for some time... he will get back to you.. but don't waste your time waiting for his reply... if you have any work concentrate on that.. I'm telling my own experience..


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