What should I assume if a girl does the following?

Theres this girl I kinda like. I don't know if she likes me but here are some of the things she does:

She teases me a lot

Calls me names

Makes fun of me all the time

Remembers a lot of details or things I've done or said

Hides her smile, as in if I say something funny she acts annoyed but she smiles when she turns around.

She seems to say my name a lot

She let me give her a pet name and "feels weird" when I don't use it

She tells me I'm very annoying

She says she is not my friend

She says she doesn't like me (as a person, and yet she talks to me all the time).

Bear in mind this is a "nice" girl. She is very polite and friendly and would never be mean to anybody. She is not mean to me, but she talks a lot of crap. She is so relaxed and comfortable with people but gets a bit nervous with me, but now she seems to smile more and giggle easier when I talk to her. She has never been in a serious relationship, what can I make of it?


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  • She definitely likes you a lot. Her behavior is a kind of self-defense for herself. She is a little ashamed of herself to reveal that she likes you. That may well pass if you start spending time with her. Maybe you both need to spend a short stretch of time together, but out of sight of the others.

    Her behavior may be caused by others being around.

  • she likes you