Do I go for this girl or walk away?

So this girl and I had a great connection.. we both told each other.. she asked how I felt about her and things (we had been seeing each other for three months, but 3 hours apart). I told her how I felt she said how reassuring it was to hear and that she needed to hear that. Said no one had ever said anything like that to her. Two days later she says we shouldn't see each other over the weekend or for the rest of summer. She said she wants to be with me/should want to be with me but her gut says it won't work and she is not 100% why its saying that. She said she is happy when she is with me, is attracted to me, I am a great guy, she trusts me and she has strong feelings for me. She said she wants to keep talking because we have built something special and strong to her.

It has been four days since we have talked. My gut and heart are telling me tell her exactly what I think and put it out there that if she is scared to take a chance on me because I am different in the guys that have hurt her. I want to show and prove to her it will work. How does she know it won't unless we try it.

What are your thoughts/advice? Thanks!


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  • She obviously has a fear of commitment. It has nothing to do with you. You can move mountains and ask her to believe, but there's nothing you can do to help her see that you're worth being given a chance.

    If you take a peak into her relationship resume, I'm almost sure you'll find a pattern of sabotage...where every time things get too hot, she runs. You have to consider the fact that she may not even be aware of what she's doing or why she's doing it. She's talking about her gut, but most of the time, it really is fear.

    You're thinking about this all wrong. There's nothing you can do. Rather, it's all about what she has to do to be willing to let this thing run it's course. If you really like her, and you're patient, I would suggest that you tell her, that you are willing to take things really slow. That you enjoy her company and you want to be in her world, and she in yours. Tell her there's no pressure, but you would like to at least let this thing run it's course, and then she can make a definite decision, to which you will not refute.

    I wish you luck in love...


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  • listen to me, pal.

    you made me laugh. you really did. and I'm not kidding around.

    you are COMPLETELY clueless, my man.

    the first mistake you did is - dating a women 3h away. get real.

    the second mistake is even bigger. you made the biggest mistake there is. you wimped in front of her, told her about your feelings, how much you like her, how amazing she is, yada yada yada... classic mistake. she knows she's got you in her back pocket. like a little lollypop.

    i know that you just don't get women and you simply cannot understand the situation, but, newsflash, you brought this on yourself, because you acted like a little sensitive girl.

    and if you think that crying in front of her and telling her about your feelings will change anything, you're delusional. it won't.

    listen, if she would be INTERESTED in you, she would be your girlfriend right now. is she your girlfriend? she's not.

    it's over. forget about her. move on.

    • so I should lie and break all trust we built... sounds like a great idea... we went on one date and it went well... why not go for a second.. feelings developed can't control that... I hear what you are saying... we knew each other previously she was not some random

    • you just don't get it. shame.