Guys when you go to a club do you ask the girl how old she is so you don't sound like a creep?

Or do you just assume she might be close to your age? And do you dance with girls close to your age or ...?

Just curious,

Like when asking to dance with her


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  • I have to, I'm 28.

    • How young would you go?

    • Depends on the girl. I've meet some 16-year-old girls who seem to have everything already figured out, and I've meet some women in their 30's who are still holding on to ideas that everyone else let go of in high school. I'd have some serious reservations about taking home an 18 year old unless I thought she knew what she was doing - and even then I'd still be pretty cautious.

  • i don't know that's kinda weird. your in a club so I would imagine everybody should be the legal drinking age. not under 18 like yourself. what are you doing in clubs anyway?

    • I'm not in clubs I'm talking for the people that are 18 , and not for drinking for grinding with a random stranger

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    • nah I figure if the girls age is up for questioning ill just be moving along, because she's probably under age. I think most girls would be creeped out by the question. think about it..."how old are you" girl"iam 18..." guy"ok then, well iam going to rape you now". that's what most women would probably be thinking

    • LOL I don't know I have this trusting problem so I'd be like " if I say my age first he's going to lie about his age " lol I'm sure I'm the only one who thinks like that

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