Back and forth I don't know what to do

its a long story so thanks for taking the time to read this..

I am 20 now but when I was 18 I met a guy who I fell in love with, we had a great time together but he went to the army..we stayed in touch and talked everyday texting night and day..than after 9 months he got "bored" he needed sex and I was a virgin..we waited a long time so I slept with him..but than he wanted to be singel and be with his army boys..and forgot about me..

Until he finished and moved home last summer.. Than he contacted me and asked how I was doing..all this time we were friends on I saw what he did etc.. But we didn't talk

after he contacted me living 3 hours away we talked again almost everyday and mostly he contacted I guess he still wanted me ? and its been a year now where we have been best friends again, never had a fight and he is now 22 and I'm 20 so we have grown..and he has been nice to me..i got to meet his mom not so long ago and I went to his hometown buut this summer in a few weeks he's moving to my town to go to college..but I'm dwelling if I should "be with him" I can't forgett how he hurt me..but should I let go and begin with a fresh start? I don't want to be weak or let him hurt me very sceptical ..and I let him do his and if he wants me he will come and so far its been good..he has asked me three times to move in with him and called me girlfriend material but boys say a lot of sh*t..

What should I do? I don't want to get so attached to him he can go hurt me again..i want to be strong


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  • Mmm it's really hard to make a decision but honestly if you turn him down there Will always be a question in your mind. You'll wonder what could have been and you'll just think about the endless what ifs. So just be honest with him if you can,and talk about it. If you feel like talking about it is not your thing, just forget about the past and give him a full chance without always judging him on his past actions. There is no guarentee that he won't hurt you but this time you'll be going into it knowing it might not end good. If you feel like its worth another shot with this person, even if it turns out to be a waste of time, just let go and don't regret it.

    • thank you ! Ye talking about it isn't our thing..cause I know if I go digging for dirt my hands will get dirty and I will just hurt myself by doing that and I don't want to be a jealous girl..i

      i need to start over

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