Should I text my ex again after all of this?

I haven't see my ex in 2 months and we broke up partially because when he moved away he was insecure I would cheat on him (I have a lot of guy friends) and because he was going through some issues with his family, we tried to remain friends but things were so different that we always fought, because of this I deleted from my phone, Facebook, email, everything. The last time we spoke it was a heated argument and I began dating other people trying to get over him.Weeks before he had to me how he had never been happier than he was with me and he cared for me and loved me but realized he wasn't ready and that's why he was so jealous. I recently got into a relationship with another guy I feel like there's this wall I can't get past because I think about my ex constantly and about how things ended/how we used to be. Ever since he moved away he had not come back into town but recently I heard from mutual friends that he was coming back for a few weeks. We have not had any contact and I know from friends that he broke his phone so probably doesn't have my new number... I'm not sure what to do. Part of me wants to see him when he comes back and text him and tell him how much I miss him and how badly I want him back, on the other hand I would be crushed if he no longer wants anything to do with me. What should I do? I still talk to one of his close friends and I have thought about talking to him and asking him if I should text him but I don't know... Is this just a bad idea? I feel like 2 months should be enough for both of us to cool down and think things through. What should I do?! Any answer would be helpful. I really love him... I wasn't in love with him but I miss just having him as a friend even if we can't be dating because of distance.


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  • And you have the audacity to say you love him when you cheated.


    • Uhhhh no. I never cheated on him. He thought I would since I have a lot of guy friends but I never once even thought about cheating on him.

      Learn to read, k?! Awesome thanks.

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