I'm bored text me...How does this text make you feel?

To me it means I'm too embarassed to just say I want to talk...i feel like it might be taken the wrong way..how does this text make you feel?


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  • What it means is it want to talk to you so I needed an excuse, so you could put a little more effort into talking with me...But I think it means: I was so damn bored that after I passed that state of boredom my last resort/act of desperation was to talk to you. I wait until I have no S*** what so ever going on to talk to you. lol


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  • If your sending it to a guy then it can be taken the worng way. Maybe a guy might think you want to talk about sex since your bored. Me personality I would assume that the girl just wants to talk because she has nothing else to do. Everybody might interpret it different..

    • I saw people complaining about it saying "Don't talk to me just because you're bored blah blah" so I thought maybe it's a bad thing to text a guy you're interested in

    • I don't think it's a bad thing to text. Some people may disagree. Even if other''s complain about it doesn't mean you can't text it to peopel if you want. But I think it matters if you think it's a bad thing to text a guy your interested in. I mean it does break the ice and let's the guy know that you interested in talking. That is the way I see it if a girl sent me a text saying I'm bored text me. I have had people text me or email things saying their bored. So I tried to entertain them.Lol

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  • Well I think it's definitely a way to start conversation. I use that when I don't want to seem so desperate to talk.