Is chemistry enough in a relationship?

I recently met up with a guy I hadn't seen in ages, and we hit it off immediately. We decided to keep in contact and he then asked me to be his guest (plus 1) at the wedding of his friend. I was delighted to accept and we spent the weekend away together. We got on brilliantly I met his family, we had loads in common, we laughed, sang, danced and chatted continuously. I really thought we had a connection and I knew that he was enjoying himself. However, nothing on a physical level happened but I did at times feel as if they could have had his friends and family not been around all the time. When we arrived home, he said he had a brilliant time, and that I am great fun to be around and he was delighted I had gone to the wedding with him. we parted company and we messaged each other a few times over the week but when I bumped into him the other day he was completely awkward and barely spoke to me? I'm so confused, no explanation, no reasoning behind it, nothing! I really thought there was potential for us to develop what we had started but now I don't know what's going on? Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you.


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  • Maybe he didn't feel that same connection or he is not ready for a relationship. Truth is you will be compatible with THOUSANDS of people and feel chemistry with THOUSANDS of people but what it comes down to is a number of factors--most important of which is timing.

    1) both of you have to be ready for a relationship

    2) a level of attraction has to be there

    3) chemistry and trust have to be there

    4) both have to be willing to put in the work.

    Honestly, something could be going on with his life that keeps him from going after you... but that's highly unlikely. Just chalk it up to bad timing and move on. Keep in touch if you really felt that attraction and maybe down the road timing will be right. I don't know why people think love should be hard, it's not. It's really easy--- keeping a relationship and learning to co-exist is the hard part but honestly, even that isn't difficult or a chore with the right person.