Why won't girls leave him alone?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a while, and everyone knows, but I don't understand why even if they know we are dating they still choose to text him and ask him to go have sex with them. I'm completely fin with him have friends that are girls, but I'm getting a little bit uncomfortable with all these other girls being all over him all the time.


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  • Maybe because he was used to girls being like that with him in the past, so they still feel like its appropriate to be like that with him? He must've played a part in it too. Maybe he lead them on too much.

    He could be really good looking and charming. Does he flirt a lot?

    I would feel uncomfortable too. Try not too feel insecure and speak with your boyfriend about it. How you feel. So that one day you don't just react and he doesn't know where its coming from. And communication is good.

    If a girl does it in front of you, you can ask her to back down nicely.

    Is your boyfriend rejecting them or being respectful of you? I think that's important. Though, don't give him too much trouble.

    You can always think positively, all these girls want him but you have him kind of thing. lol.

    Hope it gets better.

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