What will she be thinking after what I did?

Ok, this lady is physically attracted to me. We work in the same building, but we barely see each other Because we do different things, she's been trying to get at me, but we are both busy persons, and I'm not pushing her away intentionally By the way.

SOO tonight, she just randomly called me to pick her up from a train station 5 minutes away from her house. She could of walked but you know this was her chance, so I said OK ill pick you up. But I didn't tell her I was a bit drunk lmao. Anyway, I got lost on my way there because I was buzzed. I called her, and she was a bit mad at me lol, so I explained to her that I was drunk. So she told me to just go home and she will just walk to her house. I blabbered for a little bit and she hanged up on me.

What is she thinking now? will she think I'm a loser for this? I mean I'm not a mr.nice guy but she asked me a favor and I did it because I would want someone to do a favor for me. This was also her chance and my chance to do something, I know for a fact she lives alone, but I just blew my chances lol, I'm not fully blown away, because something tells me ill get another chance later on..

what do you think?

*im not over 45


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  • You could have told her that you were a bit tipsy and couldn't do it.

    She probably looks at you has irresponsible because you were intoxicated, and putting your life and other peoples lives in danger. You driving while you were drunk probably looked a little foolish and immature to her. Trust me this isn't a great impression to give someone you barely know. You should apologize and tell her its something you usually don't do, and will never do again. Try to redeem yourself. Call her one night and ask her if she needs a ride, and jokingly say, "Dont worry I won't keep you waiting, I'm not drunk."


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  • Wow! You were drunk & you said you would drive to pick her up...& drive her home? Wow!

    With friends like that...who needs enemies?

    • what does that mean lol

    • Exactly! You do not get it. You got in your car drunk & drove. You had no regard for your safety, others on the road & no regard for her life & safety either. She KNOWS this too. This is why she hung up on you. Everyone knows that you do not drink & drive...At least, every sane person knows this. I can't believe that you had to ask what this age old saying meant.

  • She is probably thinking you are totally irresponsible for driving drunk. I think you were more than just tipsy.


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  • thats pretty douch baggy bro lol

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