How can I get my girlfriend to want to kiss me or want my body more??

I have a girlfriend and we are really close...but I want to take our relationship a little further...i want to kiss/make out with her...maybe feel her up a little...but for some reason she seems really not into it...i know she loves me a lot...but she seems like she doesn't want to do there something I can do to make her want me more? I am particularly asking girls this... Thank you!


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  • What I would do, is when your cuddling, gently touch her chin so she looks up at you. When she does, kiss her, and hopefully start making out. While your making out, rub her back, and if she dosn't get creeped out, go a little down to where you want to touch her, but not right on the spot, maybe like, above. Remember not to do it in a sexual way, you don't want her to think your a freak. :P the next time, try touching her a bit more, and remember her reactions. I really hope this helps! :D

    • Yes...i didn't catch your name...this was a GREAT all goes well..i'll owe it to you!!! so thank you again!!! This was immensely helpful...thanks... :D

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    • Hey...thanks again for the help...we've been getting much more serious with a lot more..haha...but thanks again!! I have sucessfully made out with her and more! So thanks!!

    • Your welcome. :)

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  • Just try it! I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year now, and we only kissed 10 months into our relationship. We haven't talked about it, but we both knew he had to make the first move. After our kiss, about a week later, we started making out, and he felt me up. Maybe you should try to kiss her, if she has a good reaction, try making out with her. If she dosn't want too, I think that's pretty weird, cause all girls I know love kissing their boyfriends. Good luck, I hope this helps. :)

    • Thank you....that is a great advice...but I don't know if she wants something...idk...its like whenever I try to kiss her...its like she knows it...and I don't know if I can do something to make her like want to kiss me more..and how will I know if she wants me to feel her up?? if you could help that would be amazing!! Thanks again... :)

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    • Yeah..we do hold hands and cuddle...alot...she says she loves me a lot I don't know what the deal is...i mean I really want to kiss her...and make out...but the idea of her waiting is good thank you so much...but not to be I hope you don't take this wrong...but if I get to the point that I can feel her should I do it?? like I said...don't want to be don't fell like you have to answer...but thanks

    • Well, while your cuddling or something, gently touch her chin to look at you. While she's looking, kiss her. Hopefully, you can turn that into a make out. While making out, what I would do if I were you in rub her back, but remember, not to do it to make her think you want to act sexually with her, that will creep her out. :P Maybe, you can go a little lower, just above her ass, :P and if she dosn't act creeped out, try going farther the next time. I really hope this helps! :)

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