Are we just dating or a couple? Put a label on this?

I've been going out with this guy over a month now.. We hold hands and hug and link arms. We text each other everyday, including good morning and goodnight texts.. We talk about cuddling and sharing a kiss (which we're both too chicken to do when we're together).. so what is this? Are we just dating or a couple, bf/gf? I've never had a boyfriend before so I don't know what to make of it!

** he has asked me before if my best friend knows that we are 'seeing each other' .. Lol of that's helps?


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  • It's YOUR job (and his) to put a label on it. You need to actually have a conversation about what you both want out of your relationship. Realize that many guys are perfectly happy to go forever without that talk, because then they're still "free" to do whatever they want, because they never made any commitment to you.

    If you want a commitment, and he doesn't bring it up, YOU have to. By default, you are only a FWB; you only become boyfriend/girlfriend after a discussion and a mutual commitment.


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  • If neither of you agreed that you're dating etc., assume you're not. A sort of Metropolitan Occam's Razor if you will, ahaha. But you sound at the minute like intimate friends, and it sounds to me like you both wanna be together (and that you'd go good!). You should ask him about it!

  • dating sounds like..nobody is willing to make a crucial move


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