I think this is weird, do you?

I've been talking to a guy for a while now. We're hitting it off great and we both like each other. The way we communicate is by texting (we're planning on meeting in person) but Haven't seen each other in person, yet. he's always talking about how he wants me next to him, how he'd treat me, cook for me, and how I'm the best that's walked into his life. Basically filling me up with his generous talk. So far its sounding good not going to lie, but the thing is he doesn't ask me "personal" questions and by "personal" I mean what I work, what's my major, etc. You know... those kind of obvious perosnal questions. The questions you ask someone you're into basically. He has asked me for a picture many times and we have talked about s*x and what we'd do to each other, and that part seems to matter the most now that we've started talking dirty.

Anyways I guess what I'm getting at is sometimes I question if he's being honest about his deep feelings for me, without knowing what I look like. He has complimented me a lot how I'm wonderful, a funny girl, fantastic personality, etc.

What do you guys think.


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  • I've seen this a few times in my life

    I've even been guilty of this myself when I was younger (im only 22 but still)

    what this seems like to me is, He's basically idolising you, he's built this fantasy and is filling in the rest of the details himself. My advice is you need to meet him and show him who you are as a real person, up until now you've just been words on a screen

    When you have a text only relationship its easy to say things you don't mean, because its fun to live out the fantasy without being accountable

    everyone wants that big dramatic love story

    • So, are you saying he might not be serious?

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    • Thats hard to say

      the only advice I can give you is don't indulge his fantasy too much

      texting gives a person little bite sized moments of no strings attached delight

      you may engage in deep conversations and make big declarations and still be able to cut and run at a moments notice.

      It may feel like a sweet dream but waking up and experiencing real life is more rewarding and enjoyable

      Meet him (assuming you think its safe) and let him get to know you

    • Right right. I guess I'm thinking about this too fast.

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  • you need to meet him first

    • I do. But could you answer and give a possibility for m question?

    • i did... meet him... I personally think that its hard to trust someone and take them seriously over texting. its easy to find someone amazing over text but once you get to know them in person that's the real test...

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