For the girls: do dates just stop talking to you?

i have been on dates and afterward I feel like it went well but when they drop me off we talk for a little bit and then they stop talking to me and I dont, get why ugh my confidence goes down the drain I think I'm like a horrible person or ugly and I don't get it like what is wrong with me? Has this happen to any of you girls?


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  • ICheer up! you should not feel like that. it simply means there wasn't a strong enough connection. I can have a good time with a guy and be willing to go on a second date and kno that I'm not really "into" him. I think guys can do the same. I don't know if you are able to tell, but deep down, I always know whether the guy is worth the trouble or not. The key is not to dwell on it. Its a numbers game really. You're going to meet some duds out there, that's the excitement of it; finding out which one is the stud! You should enjoy dating. don't take it personally. I don't. You should not internalize it as a rejection of you as a person. Just that it wasn't a fit. While I have never been on a date w/a guy and that happened, I still don't see the reason to feel bad about it.

    You've got to enjoy dating, its so fun! At least you had a good experience. That's the way I see it. I'm glad I had a good experience and met a cool person--even if I'm not all that attracted--or I don't see a future in it. The key is to know when to cut your losses. And if you know anything about gambling or stocks, you'll want to do that ASAP. Women sometimes linger on these things, when really, they need to cut their losses and move on. Don't waste more emotional energy on anyone than is warranted. You were in a 10 year relationship, divorced? By all means, grieve, feel bad, work through your issues. But a couple dates? There are better things to obsess over--like what to have for lunch tomorrow! lol. Srsly, don't feel bad. move on. Life's good and dating is fun.

    Good luck!

    • aww I appreciate your advice. I just have a tendency to dwell on when they don't text back or call back I wish thy could just say there not interested instead of leaving me hanging. I like have a horrible anxiety problem so when they leave me hanging I go crazy crying myself to sleep and stressing and I don't know how to stop it :(

    • omg! Cry, no way! that's not big enough to warrant tears! you need to think of the lack of response as the response. Rule #1: If it isn't a yes, then its a no. Take a deep breath, close the book on that chapter and find someone else. I only cry about deep life stuff--not fickle guys. Save your tears for the hard stuff. Save your tears for the guy who's actually put in work for multiple years and is sick w/cancer. Until then, let the others take care of themself

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