To send or not to send Flowers

I am pretty confident that is would be cool but just looking for some verification. I have been on five or six dates with this woman I like. She is a teacher and off for the summer and has been gone on trips a lot since I have started hanging out with her. She is really easy going and does not take the whole dating thing too seriously. She was back last time between trips for a week and we messed around during that time period. She told me afterward that she is not sure she wants to start something serious since she was going to be gone for a few weeks. The night before she left, she asked me to dinner and then ran off to finish packing. She is supposed to get back next week and she told me it was going to be a couple days until she would have time to meet up since she needs to see family and get her life in order. I would like to send her flowers for when she gets back but I don’t want to scare her off either. I really like her and have not been this excited about a prospective relationship in a long time and I know she likes me. Would sending flowers be cool? (In general, I like to send flowers on occasion but mostly to work.) She is not the type of woman who would get too excited about flowers in the first place (or really anything), so I am not sure the risk/reward makes sense. Thanks for the help.

Could I get some responses from women?


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  • It DOES NOT make sense. It is far too romantic of a gesture at this early stage in the game. It is a signal of love. Women, despite the romantic comedies you may have watched, find it charming when a man falls in love with them too quickly. Women are best slow-cooked over the stove, not microwaved.

    • That is very good answer. And a clever analogy.

    • Slow cook her brother, slow cook, like a good BBQ. :)

      Pay her a nice complement if she's earned it for being a good date, but don't reward her with romantic affection when she hasn't done so with you first. Always let the girl lead with signs of love. It works best that way in the end. She wants to win YOU over.

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