Wy do men underestimate themselves around attractive woman?

The other day a beautiful woman walks in the cafeteria in a tight dress and high heels with long hair. And my friend wanted to get to know her but he felt he wasn't good enough since he is a normal guy trying to talk to sexy woman in public and he says that woman have it easy and that she can have any man she wants in the entire room. And since he was a man she wasn't going to be interested in just one guy since she has a vajayjay and she looks too good. I wonder why he underestimates himself do woman have dating under their terms? A girl can be a loser and get men to go crazy for her but a man has to have money or status?


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  • We give others their status and power. If your friend approached a girl with the idea that he was trying to get her approval then he was GIVING her power and status.

    If, instead, your friend felt like HE had the power and status, he would have approached her with a very different vibe and energy... and I promise you that she would have reacted very differently.

    She might not have been interested still, but he wouldn't have walked away feeling any less of a man.

    Hot or not there's no reason she should give him any more of her time or attention than she wants.

    And cool or dorky, there's no reason he should chase a girl just because she's hot, or not.

    If he's/your jaded because you feel women have more power you should try looking within your own self confidence, mindsets, or beliefs... instead of trying to pout while blaming others for having it "easy."

    Life is about perspective... and it sounds like your perspective is weak and disempowering. I can tell because men with power don't complain about what other people have that he doesn't.

    If you want power and status you need to OWN it within yourself, and you need to stop trying to take it from others.

    ~ Robby


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  • Sometimes it's just nerves and you're afraid that she might not think you're good anougth for her because she's attractive you think she's going to have high expertaitons when it comes to men in reality she's feeling just as insecure as you are and is most likely thinking the same way about herself as you do is probably hoping she's good anougth for you no you don't always have to have loads of money and a good status women like to be treated nicely and made a fuss of.


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  • A lot of guys do this at their loss. My greatest realization is when I landed a professional model as a girlfriend. After I knew her for several months, she told me she was shocked that I was interested in her, as most guys just ignored her. You'd be surprised at how many men do NOT approach very beautiful women.

    • WOW I never knew that was possible but I see it in my way that if your a man you need a woman but if your a woman you don't need a man as bad as a man does. I see a lot of single men who wish they could have what you have.

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    • i always struggle with woman. The other day I saw this girl who was shopping and I try to start conversation but she does that I look around while your talking sh*tty move. I was really embaressed by her action maybe she was shy who knows?

    • You have to just keep trying. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

  • I think a large part of it is the fear that a woman who is that attractive and knows it is going to be mean, play hard-to-get, etc. Maybe he was worried that she probably has guys hitting on her all the time and was going to be just another guy (or that she already had a boyfriend).

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