What should I do with this guy?!

Knew this guy (Japanese) for over 10yrs, we are friends but don't think that we are that close. after 1yr that we have known each other he went back to Jap, I went there to visit him a week then recently he wrote me a e-mail that he want to visit me! So he came! took him around, then he was asking me hoe do I feel about him. I told him I like him (not love) and would try to hang out if possible.

last week I have wrote him a e-mail about my feelings.

he is a very passive guy and takes forever to reply a e-mail.

speaking of which! I think I'm the one who write him emails and I answer my messages very fast!

so...he still has not reply me yet! should I give up? what should I do?


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  • You two have been friends a long time. You visited him. That practically demands he visit you back (its a cultural thing). So he did.

    In your question, you didn't mention what your feelings were, so I have no idea what type of e-mail he will be receiving and responding to.

    E-mail and cellphone are electronic leashes. It is rather amazing how quickly the world has chosen to put them on their necks. I dread checking my phone. It is practically as bad as checking the mail or the PO BOX. Always bills, requests for help, and troubles - never any good news. If he feels the same way I do, don't expect a lightning response :)

    But in any case, who knows what you should do? A little late for a long distance relationship?


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