What is up with this chick?

Every time I talk to this chick, she misunderstands what is said, or communicates a different message which is misleading. Then comes back at me with "that's not how I meant it". Then starts critiquing my replies based on how I reply to her own defined words.

Some examples:

She calls me "boo" I interpret that as the defined meaning of the word, so I give her a nickname. She tells me not to call her that, and starts some drama over something so stupid and petty.

My reaction A) I remained calm, asked her what she meant by the word etc.

Her response was that "I'm clingy" for trying to clarify so I could understand what she meant. She did clarify but she didn't see my perspective, and continued to 'beat me down' so to speak, because I told her I'd talk to her later, because she was giving me one word replies and I felt no need to continue wasting my time trying to explain what wouldn't be heard.

So after that, I told her "lets just forget about it, we misunderstood each other" and all she said was "It's you who is taking it personal".

That is when I went off on her for her bullsh*t, then accusing me of being 'clingy'. She acted as if I shot her dog. After an hour of it, we parted ways.. an hour later we talked again,although we ignored and didn't mention the argument that didn't need to happen, I still find this issue coming up.

I asked her what she thought of religion, or perspective, her opinion, it wasn't a big deal, it had nothing to do with if it mattered to anyone in a negative context or more. She took the entire thing down a different road. I asked this, quote on quote:

"So what do you think about religion? P.S first text was a joke."

*she didn't get the joke which was: "I just made you open your phone for no reason...looks like I got you in check =}" I've sent this text to a few girls I know to mess with them, and they thought it was pretty funny.. this girl.. noooo.. just a "What?".

Anyways she to the point.. she says: "I'm christian if that's what you're asking." then I asked for her perspective on religion or if she looked into it at all etc.. she said " what do you mean? I don't have a problem with any other faiths."

I asked the question in a different context.. she said this:

"only in school. and I still don't see why it matters. I respect what they believe in. Just dont' believe in it"


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  • Wow she sounds really annoying, and she seems to have an attitude problem from what you have written.. If I were you I would've cracked it a loonngg time ago and she seems to have not changed her way of talking since you guys had that argument. Anyways, she sounds like a really hard girl to get along happily with.. Now I don't know if it's just her, or maybe in fact you're both misinterpreting and reading each others texts in different tones and the way it was meant to be passed on. It happens.. Soo I don't really know what I'm answering but yh.. :)

    • I know I did at one point but that was with one word replies, I asked her if she was mad, she said "no" and continued to give me one word replies, so trying to understand anything she says is almost like listening to a foreign language and hoping their facial expressions mean what you think they mean.Before that I did, but she didn't mean 'boo' in terms of a boyfriend or girlfriend or in a nick name, apparently it meant she was flirting?

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  • She is drama, leave it alone.

  • oh dude she sounds like a whole new world of crazy I think if she doesn't understand you at all you shouldn't waste yor time on her she sounds like a big drama starter

  • Clingy for giving her a nickname? Uh... I must be a pretty clingy person then, I've given people more nicknames than I can remember, haha. But, I don't quite get what the question is?

    • summary:

      A) she misleads me with a word

      B)I try to clear it up and let it go

      C) she says I'm clingy for trying to clear sh*t up

      D)It's my fault, I was taking it personal because I stepped away and didn't want to waste my time

      E)Now she can't answer a simple question and is acting like I'm referring to it in a negative context..

      I almost think she lacks any ability to communicate..your thoughts?

    • Haha, thanks for the quick summary :p. I'm going to have to agree with you on that. She seems a bit difficult to put up with. I don't think you came across as clingy (which you've probably worked out already), I think you dealt with it like a normal, rational person. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for her. Maybe she doesn't really have any opinions on the things that interest you?

  • She sounds petty and seems likes she likes to argue over stupid sh*t.. Already a red flag dude..

  • F*ck that b*tch.

  • i think peppermintcrush said it all haha


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  • She is off. How much I am not going to judge. But I think there are guys who could deal with this. Maybe not you. You have trouble getting things through in communication. Keep in mind that whoever is better in understanding and communicating should tune speech to the level and structure of the other one to make communication work. So even if one of partners is better and one is weak I think that in some way, they have same responsibility in communication.

    And if it still does not work, then you should consider talking to somebody else.

    • Fair answer. Making her understand is another issue all together. I've probably rephrased what I've said more than 5 times.. in previous conversations.

    • That's bad.

  • She sounds like way too much trouble, either she's not too bright and gets overly defensive when she realizes she misunderstood or perhaps she just likes drama

    I knew a girl who would act this way. She just loved to argue for no reason, Finding the most ridiculous things to get angry about, Of course this would result in much confusion on my end "What could she be talking about?" At this point she'd saddle up her high horse and try and make me feel like an idiot for not getting it

    The irony is I was an idiot for putting up with her for so long

    • Red flags shot up.. I was in a relationship with a girl prior to this one who still is the same way to this day. Just I don't know about this.. all it proves to me is being eligible for college doesn't make one smart.. any one can get to college.. intelligence just isn't the same thing.. smh :/

  • What the f***...

    PS I like how you went anon but disabled anon answers :P

    • Oh woops. yea OK I'll take annon off, I wasn't aware I did.