Who moves on quicker?

You've not been in a relationship with that person, but you fell in love with them quite hard whose more likely to forget and move on quicker girl or the guy? Like give up on the prospect and try to get over their crush/ love?


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  • Well I don't quite think it's true love if they haven't even been in a relationship with that person, so it sounds more like infatuation than love.

    I guess it depends on the individual's personality and maturity. If they are someone who falls hard and likes to hold on to the past and to their feelings, they may take a lot longer. If they are someone who can realize that things in life happen for a reason & look to continue in their paths, they will certainly not linger with getting over their crush.

    To give an answer, I'd have to say perhaps women in general move on quicker, but like I said no certainties since it all depends on the individual.


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