Is it over or am I overreacting? Please help.

I've been dating this guy for a couple of months now but,he's always away on business. But we've been keeping in touch.

About 2-3 wjs. Ago he had to go away on business even though he JUST got back. Again,we kept in touch. Well last Sunday was the last time we spoke on the phone. We've texted 'some' all week. He was supposed to stay an extra day to meet with someone important..I texted him last night,nada. Then I tried calling him on my break today,no answer. Get home,same thing,but later I notice his car is GONE! Ok,so he came home and went to his friends house.

Ok,that pisses me off that he would break up with me that way! But I want to hear it from him that its over. So should I do a wait and see because he knows I'm working all weekend-or try reaching him again?

Please help...

I want to add there's a possibility he could be shutting me out due to his important meeting recently..I just want to know if/when I should contact him.


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  • There could be a numbe rof reasons why he hasn't contacted you. Try to keep your cool and wait for him to reach out you, if he hasn't in say a week or so, move on. If him "breaking up" with you really is the case, he's a coward and you should definitely move on. The waiting game sucks, been there and done that. But so does jumping the gun if you're wrong about it, ya know?

    • Thats what my roommate said. So,wait and see it is.

      Thanks for answering.

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