Am I overreacting? Or is he just coming on a little too strong?

Background info: I met a guy in November 2011. He seems cool and the same day we met he took me fo lunch. Our second date he took me to the movies, but forgot to mention that his crew of friends were coming and they had plans to go to the club after. This turned me waaaaaay off and I kept my distance. But I liked him because he was the type of guy that likes to take care of a woman and I've never experienced that. He was also very flashy and seemed not to do much with his life and saw nothing wron with our second date besides the fact that I "left him" So we texted on and off until March 2012. I made plans to come see him and he made plans to do something else, which I was only aware of when I called to tell him I was getting ready. That's when I was done and I just ignored his texts and went on with life.

----- Recent News

One hot summer day in June, I'm feeling extra emotional and lonely because I'm on my period and I had nothing to do or no one to talk to. I decided to text him out of no where and he was somewhat hesitant to text me back and asked a lot of why's. So now were on talking terms and he's getting annoying again. Our conversations start with me trying to find intrest in his life and goals and he always comes out of no where with things like "I want to make love to you" "Send me a picture of you in a bathing suit" "Do you miss me". I don't mind doing these things but I want him to know I don't come easy and he will have to work for it. This is where I failed in past relationships. I gave without question to the point where they felt I was worthless because they didn't have to work to get or keep me. I'm trying to do things right this time but I am losing patience. We're supposed to go out this weekend but I denied his 100th request for a picture and now he's not texting me. I refuse to text him first because I told him I just don't do that. Should I just hang in there or give in to his demands and create some of my own?


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  • Dude doesn't truly care about you .. sorry to be blunt. He is putting on an act because if he was the type that wanted to take care of you he would never ask for that stuff from you. To be honest, he's is probabaly with his friends and would show them a picture of you.

    He sound like you have a good head on your shoulders so do not give in and wait for the right guy who actually cares to come. Look at what you wrote.. he stopped texting because you didn't give in... he is a baby and a DICK!

    I wish you the best of luck, but do not lower your standards for anyone. They should accept you for you.


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  • He sounds like a bit of a douche and is only after one thing. I wouldn't waste my time on that one