Should I have waited around for her?

People work out on the track and field at my college, but they mind their own business. If they don’t know them or they don’t know you, people keep it to themselves, they don’t even say “hi.” On a couple of late night runs, this hot girl later arrived by herself to exercise. She’s very attractive, but I could tell she’s at least 4 years younger than me and I’m a senior. Well, during those runs we each just minded our own business.

During the last night, it was just me and her on the track. Later I noticed four guys come and sit on the steps to the track’s entrance. I finished my workout before her and left. As I was leaving and passing by those guys on the steps, they looked like college underclassmen, and I noticed they were drunk. My first impression was that they were gawking at her, possibly stalking. And as I was leaving I thought to myself “I wonder if they know her, and if not I hope she’ll be alright.”

I ended up just leaving, but now feel I probably should have waited around. Maybe say “hi” to her and ask her “do you know those guys?” Or even say to the guys “hey, how’s it going, do you know that girl?” If they didn’t know each other then I would have waited and possibly escorted her or at the least be an observer. (I believe girls can take care of themselves, but she’s outnumbered 4:1 here). But then again, people there just mind their own business like I said.

Any thoughts?

I forgot to add: I'm not saying that all drunk guys do bad things. Those guys could've been harmless. But I was also taking the worst-case scenario into consideration, and being drunk certainly impairs sound judgment.


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  • Yeah, maybe next time.

    You could of gotten to know her better.

    • True, thanks. BTW, are you a ninja? :)

  • You should never wait around for someone who only treats you as an option.


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