Should I make plans for the weekend?

Went on a great first date with a guy yesterday (Thur), at the end of the date he said he would call me this weekend. It's Friday 5pm right now, and I have a few friends wanting to make plans for this weekend and I'll be working as well. He hasn't called me yet, wondering if I should go ahead with the plans with my friends, or keep the weekend open for him?

If he does call, I don't want to seem like I'm too busy for him. But I don't like waiting on people, I want to confirm with my friends asap.

What should I do :)


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  • make yo plans girl don't wait for him. you've only been on one date so he'll understand if youve had other plans.


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  • Always make plans. People in general are interested in people who have lives and interesting people. If he calls, apologize and give him a time that you are free. Make him try to fight for your time.


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