Guys: What can a girl do to really make you want to kiss her?

Could it be the way she subtly bites her lips? The way she stares at you? Feel free to be descriptive. :)


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  • Defineitly the smile. When she is smiling alot, it lets me know that she is happy with me and is open to my next move.

    One time, I was to afraid to kiss one of my ex gfs, so she started to rub her lips with her thumb really slowly and sensually, and then she leaned in like she was going to kiss me, and that's when I kissed her. But, she denied leaning in for a kiss, but I knew she was lying.

    Another technique that I wish I could see is, her licking her lips with her tounge very slowly. I have read about it on a dating website, I would have to say that would be so awesome to see!


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  • i guess when you're both standing close just look at his lips mesmerized...