Do you think things might turn out for us?

He's a party animal, I'm your typical 'Plain Jane'. He's interested in flirty, gorgeous girls. I can't flirt and I'm hardly gorgeous. We do chat and we seem to get along. I like him and it's getting pretty much serious but I'm not sure about him. Despite having lots of interests in common, we seem to be like fire and water so I assume he hardly likes me. He's also older and a lot. I'm always the one who starts the conversation and I try to help him out when he needs a hand. Me and my friend made him a video for his birthday and he said that we made the best present ever. I felt really good then but now it's just getting worse. He hardly chats and seems to 'run away' from our conversations. Is there still some little chance he might like me someday?


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  • culd he like you some day? it could happen...i don't really get the impression from anything you said that he's into you more than a friend though

    • I don't get the impression. But I somehow still have my hopes we might at least her closer.

    • at least you have the hope :) like I said it could happen..just cause you're kinda into 2 different crowds doesn't mean it couldn't work out

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