I read something similar but....

I read something about an ex moving and her wanting him to go, but each situation is different so I thought I'd put mine out there.

About ten months Mr and this girl broke up after two years of dating. I was her first and she was mine. We tried to give it another shot because the reason we broke up is because she thought I didn't love her, and I wasn't showing if I did. Well during the time of us trying again, eight months, she started to lose more love for me. Eventually she called it off. Of course bad things were said, but the line that bothered me was she said I have no chance in hell of getting with her. Something always brought us together after she called it off, to make us talk, like I have to babysit the dog I bought her.

She left to go find housing in Colorado because she's going to go to school there. Before she left she said something along the lines of if you move there I don't mind.

Now this is a girl that isn't friends with any of her ex's, nor does she even want to be. I may be reading to much into it but when she said that, that's a big deal to me. So I asked her, why do you want time be friends with me? Why don't you mind me going? And last is there any chance of us? Reasonable questions I think. He response back was, you're not a ass like my other ex's. Because you're my friend and I don't mind any of my friends moving. And I can't seeing into the future, but as far as I can see I don't want to, or have even thought about getting back with you.

The final call on Udall was made be her in may... Is she just screwing with me, or is she to afraid to say there is a chance, or is this a test? I have no clue how to take any of it. What would a girl mean by this, or do if that person did move to be with them?

I know I have misspellings. I did this on my phone sorry :)


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  • Sounds like she already made up her mind. She doesn't want to get back with you, sorry.

    The only thing you can do is accept the decision and try to move on.


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