What's her deal? Need insight.

So, I met a girl online and after lots of successful messaging, we meet up. Date goes great, some food, some smooching, and we both go home happy.

We've been texting and calling, talking for hours on the phone. I feel like things have been going great. Only thing is, she has been talking and texting me less and less. I don't want to smother her, but going from texting all day to not so much, is pretty drastic.



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  • Ask her!

    So many problems could be solved by just asking the person what's up. Ask her if something is wrong, if she says "no, why?", tell her that you don't hear her that often anymore and you thought something was wrong...

    • I wish it were that straightforward. But for us guys, when a girl says, "Nothing" is wrong, it always means something is up. I wish she would just tell me.

    • If she says nothing's wrong, she doesn't wanna talk about it. If she acts mad or something because you didn't ask a second time, that's her deal. At least you asked, and if she says nothing is wrong, why ask again? Maybe she'll come out and say it ;)

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