How to deal with a failed relationship?

I guess there's no simple answer, and all the answers are probably something I already know. But it's just always nice to be able to discuss it.

So. I had a fiance. She was my everything. Until She wasn't. I was in a long distance relationship with her for about 9 months, and things got harder...and when a guy asked her out, she caved in and said yes to him while I was still with her.

It sucks to know that the guy she's dating right now got everything that I ever wanted with her. She used to care about me, but now I'm on her hook, and she tells me she loves me but she doesn't even care to talk to me.

I'm sure this happens a lot among people who have a relationship... but I really don't know how to get over her. I want her back...but I know it'll never work, because the trust won't be there. I'm just looking for ways people deal with this problem. I'm utterly depressed, and can't find any enjoyment doing anything.

I know this seems like a cliche story. But I'm begging for anyone to answer this question with a serious heart... I will appreciate every single words.

Thanks so much in advance.


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  • Hi there, love is tough and sometimes hurts. It hurts more when you love someone but your instincts are telling you she is not the right one and to walk away. My best advice to you is to allow it to hurt. The worst thing you could do is try to cover up your and move on prematurely. Cry if you want to, talk about until you're blue in the face, all the way to the point where your mind takes over and gets sick of thinking about it lol. You will naturally move on and see it for the blessing that it is as this couldve happened once you got married. You'll begin to thank your lucky stars lol. The longer you keep your feelings in you are holding on to her. Hope this helps. Wish you the best. I'm here if you need to discuss.


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