We can't get too attached. What does he want?

i took an internship in a company, and one day my boss took me to a car show, and then we talked about 3 hours, he still didn't wanna leave. then he started to text me about the random stuff. one day he said he only has 2 weeks in this office( he is leaving to Japan for one year), and I'm also planing to take internship in other countries. and I had feelings to him. so I asked him for movie, and he invited me to his place watch movie, he hold my hands and ask me: do you hold hands with all your guy friends? then we hooked up. after that he said we can't get too attached,blabla, we have to be careful, blabla, because he is leaving besides it won't make him look good. I stayed over that night, morning he took me to breakfast and say: listen I'm in a complicated situation, I broke up with my ex girlfriend months ago, we were together for 3 years, and I'm also talking to another girl, working things out... then I was like: OK so you want me to pretend it never happened. he: no,no, it happened, you can't deny the feelings in this week. me: then what do you want me to do? he: I wanna be your friend, read books, watch movies, hang out with you. I'm afraid of losing you as a friend. WTF does he want!


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  • He wanted to have sex, but he likes you enough to keep talking, though that's about all he can do since he's leaving


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