We're not exactly exclusive, but he asked another girl out?

I've been talking to this guy I really like for quite a few weeks. We've had two dates but it's been so hard to hang out because he's been so busy. He's actually not from this state and he's been spending some time going back to visit his family. He blocked me on twitter and I found out he asked a girl from his home state on a date for the next time he's in town through tweets. We never really were exclusive so part of me feels like I don't have a right to be upset. Another part of me is feeling like I'm being super played. Am I wasting my time? Or should I give it a chance? It's hard because I completely understand wanting to test the waters for a bit before making any real commitment, I was just in that position..


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  • Now you know he is seeing other women. You can either keep that knowledge to yourself and go out with other guys (or pine away for just him waiting) and see how things play out with him or another guy, or you can casually (somehow) ask him if he is playing the field (or dating others). Don't tell him you know, and see if he tells you the truth. If he does tell you the truth, then at least you know he is honest. At that point you can again do nothing and just accept it, or ask him what his intentions are.

    If he is dishonest, you might want to move on. I still would not say anything about the fact that you know he is dating others. Good luck.