If a guy asks you to call him...do you?

I have been talking to this guy online. He told me his number and said if I felt like talking to call, then I gave him mine and told him to call me if he wanted to talk to. I'm pretty traditional, so I'd rather him call me, especially to see if he's actually interested since I contacted him in the first place on the site.

Am I doing the wrong thing here? He hasn't bothered with calling... I mean, if he doesn't at all that will give me his answer, but still.

He called me ha ha okay!


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  • This is really interesting. I've had the opposite situation when like 6 or 7 girls over the years, when I asked for their number, asked me to give them mine instead. Only two of them ever called me. When I shared this with my cousin's wife, who is a sweetheart of a woman and always gives me the straightest scoop, she said she was actually surprised that even those two called, because even if a girl really likes you, normally the vast majority would never make that first call, and moreover, for most girls offering to take the guy's number is simply a tactic to let him down easy with declining to give him the gir's own number. This makes sense for me.

    On two occasions girls were the ones to ask for my number first (as opposed to offering to take it in lieu of giving me yours), and on both of those occasions they made a point to put it straight into their phone with my name and right away call me to make sure my phone rang. You girls are bad - if you really like somebody you grab them by the balls :-) Both of those girls were young and unusually much into me.

    • Hi Honeyltsme. Would you answer my question. I would like a guys opinion and I haven't received one yet. Thanks if you do. The link is below.


    • Okey dokey - will do. I've been asked to do the same by other people before (incl. in messages) - is there a reason I am sometimes asked to do this?

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  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy...

    That whole the guy should call me, the guy should approach me etc. is all complete bs. If he gives you his number he is interested and is basically asking to talk yo you, why would he call you first when he gave his number and said 'call me'?

  • he is thinking the same as you

    if you are interested then you will call him


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  • This is tough because you were the one that initiated the contact in the first place. At the same time, if he wants to call, he will.

    If you like the traditional way to date. which is the more respectful way to date (in my opinion) -- coming from a slightly older woman who looks younger and is asked out by younger men and men my age-- there is a big difference in how a man who dates in the traditional sense treats a woman as opposed to expectations that the woman can/should ask out, pay on her own, etc.

    I have noticed this mentality also tends to equate with less respect toward the female.

    In any regard, I would stick with what you want and if he doesn't call, the move on.

  • I suppose it depends on the guy. It could mean he doesn't want to make the first move, he wants you or well needs you to make the first move, or he doesn't want to bother you or call at the wrong time. I would just explain to him that you are traditional and that you would like it if he called you first and then see what he has to say.

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