Why hasn't this girl responded to me?

This girl that I used to talk to a lot over this past year messaged me last weekend asking me where I have been. We Haven't really talked much this past quarter and I have been extremely busy, so unless someone messages me I very rarely started conversations with anyone. Anyway I responded to her like 2 hours later and I never got a response back, a couple days later I messaged her asking if he got my message, on the new Facebook messaging system it says if someone saw the message and it said that she had viewed it. So is it possible that Facebook is being glitchy and didn't send my message or is she just not responding to me for some reason? That doesn't make sense considering she asked why we Haven't been talking but I Haven't seen her online in the past week and I don't want to send her anymore messages asking if she has seen my message. I just don't want her to think I am ignoring her, but at the same time I am just really confused why she hasn't responded if she really did receive my response.


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  • Who knows really. Facebook is always glitchy. She may not be getting them. However if she is and isn't answering than sometimes the reason might be because she's upset with you & hurt and doesn't want to talk with you anymore. She might of felt that since you havn't been talking with her like you use 2 that maybe you don't really want 2 anymore since she had to make contact with you first. So she might feel its best to just leave you alone. However I'm pretty sure that's not the case and she understands that you were busy. She also might even be busy herself. BUT...You can give it a try once more and see what happend. Might just be Facebook that's not working.


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