Guys answer this! Would you make this effort to hangout with a girl?

my guy friend have been talking about hanging out but we Haven't yet. and recently we were on Thursday, but didn't. he had something in the afternoon but made an effort to try to see me in the morning. he said we could meet at 9 in the morning to hangout for a bit. I thought that wass the sweetest thing that he would wake up early to see me. he gave me his adress & everything. and said to call him when I got to his house. but as I was getting ready to leave he sent me a long text saying how sorry he was cause he had the wrong times. and had to leave earlier than planned. he said in the text that we had to reschedule and he made a mistake and was sorry. I was cool with that and ssaid it was okay. I want to believe him and he is a nice guy.

but would guys make that big of an effort to hangout with a girl if they really didn't want to? if he didn't really wanna wouldn't he have said I'm busy and not tried to reschedule? he seemed gunine aout it and I know everyone makes mistakes. but no guy would go out of his way to hanout with a friend who is a girl if they really didn't wanna right?


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  • Okay, first off if you are just going to hang out. Why does that take effort?

    If me and friend, male or female are going to just hang out. We say we will meet up somewhere around this time, and that is it. Hanging out is being casual, it's come as you are and not a get dressed up and the whole beauty treatment thing.

    • i know that . haha. but like if he really didn't want to hanout with me he would not have said lets reschedule, right? I mean he was really nice about hanging out with me and something came up.

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