Online dating conversation help?

Is there any particular and/or logical reason why a girl who I met online would not want to talk to me anymore after I asked her where she was from in the middle of a text message conversation? Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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  • Depends on when you ask it.. If you ask it when the conversation has started to end or so, like if both of you are quiet for a while, it can feel like just to keep the conversation alive, which at least I would find a bit unattractive. As a rule of thumb I like to bring up questions about her when you feel she is having a great time talking with you, when she feels comfortable talking to you. This is also a good time to invite her out :)

    You shouldn't try to be what she is looking for, you should make her look for you. It's pretty much about proving your values. I try to be fun when talking through text messages as at least I find it hard to take things seriously over the internet or phone. You can't see the other person and by that you can't read him or her and how she reacts etc.

    Remember, you are trying to have a good time by talking to her, but don't get overly attached, at least don't show it. Throwing compliment after compliment is like putting her on a pedestial, which even I find unattractive if a girl does at me.

    Confidence and attitude is most important when dating in my opinion. If you go out like omg she is so hot or so you'll easily get nervous, if you go out thinking I'm gonna have a great time it's more easy to relax and show your values :)


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  • More Background please? how long have you known her? If it were just a random one off conversation, she probably just figured out that you were not what she was looking for and just left. If she didn't care enough to explain why she had to go.. you just got bounced, tbh.

  • she didn't mind chatting, but did not want to tell you her location.


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