How many times a week does your boyfriend come and see you? Is this normal?

I've been dating this guy for 3mos. In the beginning he would come over twice a week and was texting me all the time. than it become once a week. Now, I Haven't seen him for two weeks and he doesn't know when he will be able to come see me. He got a job a week ago, and has a son. which I understand. But is this normal? We both live at are parents house. I just feel like we don't really spend time together. It starting to feel like I'm in a long distance relationship.

Girls: Has this ever happen to you? What was the end result? How often do you see your guy?

Guys: Do you go see your girl a lot or just few times a month?


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  • How much time people should spend together really depends on the situation and the relationship, but I could see how you would be concerned if you live in the same city and he used to have time for you, but now you haven't seen him in 2 weeks. He has other stuff going on, sure, but anyone who wants to spend time with you will make it happen. Have you ever taken the initiative to go see him? If he has feelings for you but is literally so busy he can't spare an extra moment for you, he would probably appreciate it if you took the stress of making plans off his plate and went to see him. On the other hand, if he's got other reasons for being distant lately, he'll probably make excuses why you guys can't see each other even if you're offering to come to him.

    Don't ignore your gut feelings. If you feel like something's off and your situation isn't "normal," then it probably isn't.

    • I told him many times I would come to his place and see him. He said OK. but really he hasn't even introduce me to his dad who he lives with. Is it awkward if I just pop over unannouce? I understand that gas prices and stuff like that sometimes gets in the way of us seeing each other, but it's frustrating when I call him and ask what he's doing and he says nothing. It's like well, if you doing nothing lets meet up and do something. but doesn't happen.

    • I hear ya. I've dated guys who acted like this before and it can be hard to feel like the only one who wants to spend time together. It's probably not a good idea to go to his place unannounced if you haven't met his dad yet, and maybe the only other option is to talk to him about it and see if he'll put in more effort. Ultimately if you're never together, it's not much of a relationship to begin with and you could be better off moving on and finding someone who loves being around you.

    • Yeah. It just sucks because he's the first guy I ever felt 100% comfortable around (not tense at all, and I can just be me.) I have severe Anxiety and he understands and really supportive when it comes to that. He's a complete sweetheart and joker. He's also big on family. It just this one problem we have.

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  • when you ask if you can visit him he says no?

    • I told him he doesn't always have to be the one to come to me, I told him I can come to him too. all he said is OK. I asked him if he wanted me to come to him instead once and he said no, that he would come to me...but failed to show up.

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  • Hmm that's interesting... imean the honeymoon fades but if you aren't in a long distance relationship, 2 weeks can seem like forever.

    I am currently in a long distance relationship where we usually go at least 2 weeks without seeing each other... so I feel like you guys need to have a serious talk.

    Does he say anything to you when you tell him you want to see him ?

    • 2 weeks is forever haha. He will say okay ill try this day or sometime this week, which has been the last two weeks and it doesn't happen. I asked him the other night if it bugs him that he hasn't seen me in two weeks his reply is two weeks? I thought it's been two years...than followed by that with a yes. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a long distant relationship even though we're in the same town.

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