Does anybody use Eharmony?

I have been sending out all sorts of communication and I have gotten to just stage 3 with one person. I get lots of icebreakers, but that seems to be the nonmembers. I also close matches after 2 weeks of no communication. Am I too strict? Has anybody else had this hard of a time? Its been 4 months with nothing.


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  • I refuse to use any online dating site. Letting an algorithm of 0's and 1's find my soul mate just doesn't seem right to me- but that's just my preference.

    • Well when you work close to 70 hours a week its hard to find time to find somebody to see in your off time...

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    • You work to much, even if you do meet someone, the chances of anything really meaningful are small. As I do not know any woman, that will put up for long with someone that is never around.

      And the women that will, are only after your money.

    • You do realize I am a woman so it would be interesting if I had a woman after my money as I don't float that way. And believe it or not I do have time for somebody I make my schedule so I work late a few days a week so I can have a social life about three days a week.

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